Our company was established in 2005 under the name of SEZMAK FILLING AND SEALING MACHINE family company is.

Our company SEZMAK MAKINA serves in the food industry.Our principal producting branches are filling and sealing machines for milk and milk products (ayran,milk,yoghurt,cream cheese),and also fruit juice,jam,honey,olive oil,liquids with heavy density. Our company's aim is for our customers to increase the quality and hygienic of their products,to minimize timing and workmanship,decreasing the usage of natural resources,to be different and rise the company's power in the market competition,increasing the life of their products by using vacuum and gaz treatment systems.

Using appropriate materials and equipments in our machines we assist the food technology sector.Expect from our standart machines we also produce special machines due to our customer's demand.

We can produce machines for filling and sealing with pre-cuted aluminium lids into plastic or glass cup and containers or with cuting and sealing foil with the bobbin system into plastic or glass cup and containers for all kind of liquids.

Here is the list of our machines:

  • Sandwitch closing machine
  •  Olive oil filling and sealing machine
  • Pet bottle filling and closing
  • Glass bottle filling and sealing machine
  • Power filling and sealing machine
  • Salt water filling and closing machine
  • Meat closing machine
  • Sugar top foil sealing machine
  • Machines with cuting and sealing foil from bobbin system